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About Us
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Operating a convenience store is a challenging and demanding job. Unfortunately, store operators have received little if any training and skill development over the years to keep them competitive with today’s diverse and ever-changing marketplace. Competition is everywhere and the marketplace is unforgiving to non-performers. You either perform or perish. We’ll help you perform at a level you thought unimaginable. We all need a helping hand from time to time. Someone who can provide an honest and straightforward opinion; offer suggestions and recommendations for improvements; share their experiences and lessons learned, and do it in a caring and meaningful way. Convenience Store Coaches is that someone!

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Terry McKenna and Linda McKenna-Welch (brother and sister) are the founders and principals of Convenience Store Coaches.  Terry and Linda have solid frontline retail experience, ranging from store-level to corporate headquarters.    To help pay his way through college, Terry worked pumping gas on the third-shift at a full-service Texaco service station, while Linda made and sold cookies at a cookie shop, in addition to waitressing.  Upon graduating from college in 1979 and 1987 respectively, Terry and Linda began their professional careers in the petroleum/convenience industry with Mobil Oil Corporation.  In 1997 they resigned from Mobil to launch their own consulting practice specializing in the petroleum/convenience industry.  Today, Terry and Linda have a combined 48-years of hands-on experience in helping convenience store operators, jobbers, oil companies and convenience store chains improve store level execution.

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