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  • Life-Long Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Performance
  • Managing The Different Generations
  • Employee Retention
  • Employee Interviewing
As you watch Linda McKenna in action you’ll see why most of her engagements are repeat and referral business. Audiences are captivated and entertained with her eye opening approach at business solutions. More than just an author, speaker and consultant, Linda sets herself apart with her real life experience. It is her solid grasp of frontline execution and not just theory that audiences love and respect. Linda is Principal and Co-founder of Employee Performance Strategies, Inc.; a consulting firm that improves client’s bottom line through customer relationship, leadership and employee performance improvement strategies.

Linda connects with her audiences on an emotional level as she introduces concepts and methods that challenge their thinking, question their mental models and ignite their passion. Linda’s presentations reveal the “how to” approach to business success, as opposed to speakers who theorize and tell stories on “why” organizations should do something. This emphasis on “how to” leaves participants motivated, on-track and equips them with the required skills and knowledge to take the right actions to become more profitable.

Linda’s expertise in building customer loyalty has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, as well as the Harvard Business School corporate training video: “Benchmarking Outside The Box.” She’s also been featured with customer service experts Gary Heil and Rick Tate in their book and DVD Leadership and the Customer Revolution. Linda’s also appeared on several radio and TV news shows on the subject of differentiating your brand through customer relationships.

Linda is well known for her contagious high energy and enthusiasm. But most importantly what makes her style unique is her ability to communicate and connect to all levels of an organization and ensure organizations leave with ideas that deliver results!

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