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Does your workforce perform as team or a bunch of individuals? 

Does your workforce even know how to work as a team? The sports world knows that simply having the best players is no guarantee of a winning championship season. 

The ability to merge different personalities into a cohesive, well functioning unit, all striving towards a common goal is the key to victory. Putting team ahead of self is no easy task, and it requires strong leadership to pull it off. 

A group of employees working closely together as a team with a common goal of satisfying their customers, profitably growing their company, and developing on a personal level, is an unbeatable force, particularly in a industry that is perceived by consumers as being a commodity in terms of products and services.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. What it means to work together as a team.
  2. How to coexist & win with different personalities.
  3. Roles & responsibilities that result in great teamwork.
  4. How team members can self-manage towards a common goal.
  5. How to put team ahead of self.
  6. How to recognize & reward in a team structure.

Who Should Attend:

   • Owners – CEO’s – Presidents
   • HR personnel
   • Training personnel
   • Field supervisors
   • Store managers
   • Store employees

Seminar Format:
   • Half or full-day
   • Team-based
   • Highly interactive & participatory
   • Blended mediums: PowerPoint, video,
      exercises & lecture
   • Best practices sharing
   • Case studies
   • Participant Personal Action Plan


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