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How many of your customers defect to one of your competitors because of a problem that was not resolved to their satisfaction? How many of these situations occur everyday that you aren’t even aware of? 

Statistics will tell you that an unhappy customer will go out of their way to tell 9-10 other people of their bad experience at your business. 

The inability to quickly and in a satisfactory manner resolve a customer conflict is the quickest way to destroy a business. Word of mouth is a powerful two-sided coin, and unfortunately, bad news travels faster and farther than good news. 

Businesses and management work too hard and spend an excessive amount of money to drive consumers to their stores to let an  unprepared employee face the wrath of a upset customer. 

When something goes wrong, the ability to resolve that customer problem is one of the best ways to create long-term customer loyalty and provide superior customer service.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. How to identify customer frustration before it boils over.
  2. Key words and phrases to use.
  3. How to effectively apply recovery strategies.
  4. How to turn a customer problem into a customer service opportunity resulting in greater brand loyalty.

Who Should Attend:

   • Owners – CEO’s – Presidents
   • HR personnel
   • Training personnel
   • Field supervisors
   • Store managers
   • Store employees

Seminar Format:

   • Half or full-day
   • Team-based
   • Highly interactive & participatory
   • Blended mediums: PowerPoint, video,
      exercises & lecture
   • Best practices sharing
   • Case studies
   • Participant Personal Action Plan


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