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How motivated are your employees? 

If you could increase employee motivation by just 10%, how much more money would you make? 

Employee motivation is one of the most misunderstood business issues facing management today. The traditional carrot and the stick approach simply do not work since it is nothing more than control, manipulation and seduction.

It’s often easier for businesses and management to show gratitude with money than words. Incentives are no substitute for good management practices and should not be used indiscriminately to remedy problems when more effective solutions exist.

Rewards typically undermine the very processes they are intended to improve. Once rewards are introduced into the workplace, they become an entitlement that employees come to expect, and can lead to resentment towards management if withdrawn. 

Managers and supervisors must learn how to harness and use the power of motivation: both extrinsic and intrinsic to drive both employee and organizational effectiveness.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. The myths of motivation.
  2. Generational driven motivational strategies for: Matures, Baby Boomers, Gen. X, & Millennials.
  3. How to create a motivational workplace.
  4. How to measure for success.

Who Should Attend:

   • Owners – CEO’s – Presidents
   • HR personnel
   • Training personnel
   • Field supervisors
   • Store managers

Seminar Format:

   • Half or full-day
   • Team-based
   • Highly interactive & participatory
   • Blended mediums: PowerPoint, video,
      exercises & lecture
   • Best practices sharing
   • Case studies
   • Participant Personal Action Plan


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