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The most important asset you have is your customer base.  They have many choices and they decide daily whether or not to give you their money.  Many companies have attempted to use loyalty cards to secure their customer base.  However those cards only build loyalty to the discount they receive for using them.  They do not make customers loyal to your store. 

We’ll help you build emotional connections with your customers through your people so customers will want to shop at your store regardless of the price or discount.  People become loyal to people not price, coupons, or discounts.

We can help you with Customer Service and Building Customer Loyalty in one of three ways. 

1. Training Seminar: 
We can conduct a seminar on Customer Service for your staff and store operators. 

These seminars can range from half day to full day depending on your needs.  
Click here for seminar details:  Creating Loyalty Through Emotional Connections

2. Tele-Seminar:
For your convenience we can conduct a teleseminar on Customer Service.  Click here to learn more.  Teleseminars

3. Speaking Engagement: 
We can make a presentation on Customer Service at one of your up coming  
meetings.  Click here for more information on our speakers.  Speakers

4.  Consulting:
Our consulting on Customer Service and Customer Loyalty can consist of an onsite visit with your management team or a coaching call over the phone for an assessment and help you develop customer service strategies and policies. Click here for more information on consulting.  Consulting



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